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At Autoplay we convert your needs into solutions , whether it's a management software solution , web based applications , Search Engine Optimization , Static and dynamic web development, CRM and every solution according to your needs and demands . Our Team of Software and web engineers will guide you to best and cheapest solution available .                                       Details »
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AutoPlay offersLaptop Hard Drives with Satisfying warranty & After Sales service in Pakistan with Best prices ever. Laptop Hard Drives Available all over Karachi Lahore Islamabad Pakistan .....

Find Laptop Hard Drives Price which is available in cheapest price in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi
Quetta, Abbotabad, Gujrawala, Multan & serving throughout Pakistan
Seagate Momentus 2TB

Seagate Momentus 2 TB


Seagate Momentus 2 TB

The notebook market has both system and component manufacturers at all ends of the spectrum looking for ways to save power. This includes everyone from hard drive manufacturers to the guys that make wireless cards, all in the hopes to increase battery life by another few minutes. With hard drives you can improve efficiencies with the motor and controller interface, but the biggest power savings is going from idle to a spun-down state. This effectively turns the hard drive off until another command tells the drive to spin back up quickly again to resume work. This startup time is where the lag associated with some hard drives is found, since unlike an SSD, platter-based drives can't restart instantly. Depending on the drive and its intended uses, the specified time limit before a drive goes dormant can vary, but by many accounts it seems the initial time for the XT was over-aggressive, putting the drive into a spun-down state too quickly. 

In December of last year Seagate quietly released a new firmware update for the Momentus XT without a changelog or other information indicating what the software updated. Once it hit the Seagate support community, people started updating drives. Even without a full explanation of the changes users were quickly able to deduce that the lag issues had pretty much vanished. Since we still have two 500GB Seagate Momentus XT drives in our lab, we decided to run the firmware update ourselves and see what the process entailed.

Prepping the Drives

For users with a Windows-based system, Seagate offers one of the most painless firmware update procedures we've seen. Normally to update the firmware on a hard drive, and even some SSDs, you need to download an ISO image to burn to a CD or DVD, and boot into a DOS-like system to initiate any update to the drive. The method Seagate uses to let users update the Momentus XT is substantially more simple.


Rs. 13,000/-

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Find Laptop Hard Drives Price which is available in cheapest price in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi
Quetta, Abbotabad, Gujrawala, Multan & serving throughout Pakistan
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