The amazing evolution of microprocessors (infographic)

A group of specialists in Australia has figured out how to make a transistor that is the span of a particle. That is the littlest transistor at any point made. Taking into account that the single-molecule transistor is just 0.1 nanometer in size, the conceivable applications are stunning.


It will be a long while before we see the single-molecule transistor innovation executed in microchips that we use in PCs and different gadgets. In any case, this is such an exciting advancement, that we needed to discover how it fits in with how microchips have developed up until this point.

How little can a transistor be?

With the single-molecule transistor now a reality, in any event in research labs, we outlined the advancement of chip fabricating. We figure you will concur with us; it’s a significant emotional advancement over only 41 years. What’s more, things get significantly more out of control when we look into the future, contrasting the chip fabricating procedures of today and yesterday with what is sticking around the bend.


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