AOC International (trading as AOC, formerly Admiral Overseas Corporation) is a multinational electronics company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and a subsidiary of TPV Technology. It designs and produces a full range of IPS and TFT monitors as well as LCD TVs and formerly CRT monitors for PCs which are sold worldwide under the AOC brand.

Admiral Overseas Corporation (AOC) was founded in Chicago, Illinois, by Ross Siragusa as the Asian arm of his Admiral Corporation, and later established in Taiwan in 1967 as the first manufacturer of color televisions for export. In 1978, Admiral Overseas Corporation was renamed AOC International. Direct Marketing under Its brand name began in 1979. From 1988 to 1997, It established its sales offices in United States, China, Europe, and Brazil. It was launched in India and Mexico in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Today its products including CRT & LCD monitors, LCD TVs, All-in-One units, and Android Tablets, are available in more than 40 countries globally.

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