Converter may refer to:

Frequency converter
“Voltage converter”, another name for

Electromagnetic transformer
Switched-mode power supply
DC to DC converter
Power inverter (DC to AC)

Solar inverter


Digital-to-analog converter
Analog-to-digital converter
“Frequency-to-Voltage converter” (F-V converter), a frequency detector for voltage-controlled Guitar synthesizer.
A combination local oscillator and mixer stage in a Superheterodyne receiver
“Converter”, an alternate name for a remote control

In television

Cable converter box, an electronic device use in Cable Television Systems
Digital television adapter, sometimes known as a “converter box”

Information technology

Low-noise block converter, in communications
Scan conversion between video formats
File format converter convert between various file formats

Audio converter (disambiguation)


Converter (metallurgy)
Bessemer converter, a metallurgical process for steelmaking
A process vessel in Basic oxygen steelmaking

Vehicles, automobiles

Catalytic converter, in automobiles
Autogas converter, part of an automotive LPG system, also known as a vaporiser or pressure reducer

Other uses

Converter (music), a noise music project by Scott Sturgis
Torque converter
Fountain pen converter, a removable filling mechanism for fountain pens
Unit converter
Currency converter

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