DM life Technology Co.,ltd established in 2014, specializes in designing and manufacturing USB Flash Drives and mobile accessaries:Fingerprint USB,MFI iPhone USB,WIFI USB,Android OTG USB,USB2.0&USB3.0,Type-C Adapters etc.

Our R&D department is consisted of ID (Industrial Designer), MD (Mechanical Designer), Electronic Designer and Tuner. Every detail of development, from marketing to ID to MD to product quality, is refined by repeatedly discuss and examination to make sure the products are the best both in performance and price.

In 2014, our own brand DM was created, and has achieved great success in China market. From beginning of brand promotion, over 80,000 persons in China use our products, and the number is growing up with rapid speed. The success is based on very good understand of market, unique product design and good quality products with very nice prices.

We believe and hope that good products will benefit more people. Beside China market, we are working to develop overseas market, to offer our good products and service to customers. So no matter you are wholesaler, distributer or dealer, no matter you need OEM or ODM, or if you have any other requests, please feel free to contact us and advise your requests, we will find the joint and opportunities to be of service to you.

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