Digital Persona

DigitalPersona transforms the way IT executives protect the integrity of the digital organization. Utilizing a composite authentication approach, the solution goes beyond two-factor (2FA) and multifactor (MFA) to secure every user, application and endpoint.

Close Every Gap

Expand your traditional set of authentication factors – what you have, are and know – with the contextual risk factors of time, velocity, location and behavior. Choose the right level of protection for every application, every user and every system.

Complete Coverage

Complete coverage is finally possible. Secure ALL your applications, including web, cloud, Windows, mobile, VDI and VPN – even legacy mainframe apps which continue to play a vital role. And, with DigitalPersona, ALL constituencies are covered – employees customers, vendors and partners.


Eliminate the reliance and burden on users to remember pins and passwords. With an unprecedented freedom of choice in authentication factors, organizations can finally balance usability and protection based on specific security goals.

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