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HP ProOne 600 G3 All-in-One PC Core i5

HP ProOne 600 G3 All-in-One PC Core i5


Intel Core i5-6500 processor
65 W
Up to 3.6 GHz maximum Turbo Frequency (3.2 GHz base frequency)
6 MB cache, 4 cores, 4 threads
Intel HD Graphics 530
DDR4 memory up to 2133 MT/s data rate
Supports Intel vPro Technology and Intel Stable Image Platform Program (SIPP)


Maximum: 32 GB
Number of slots: (2) SODIMM (both slots are customer accessible/upgradeable)
Up to 2400 MT/s
2048 MB total system memory (2048 MB x 1) (AMO only)
4096 MB total system memory (4096 MB x 1)
8192 MB total system memory (8192 MB x 1)
16384 MB total system memory (16384 MB x 1)




Intel HD Graphics (integrated)
Intel HD Graphics 530
Intel Core i7 processor
Intel Core i5 processor
Intel Core i3 processor
Intel HD Graphics 630
Intel Core i7 processor
Intel Core i5 processor
Intel Core i3 processor
Intel Pentium G4620 processor
Intel Pentium G4600 processor
Intel Pentium G4600T processor
Intel HD Graphics 610
Intel Pentium G4560 processor
Intel Pentium G4560T processor
Intel Celeron G3950 processor
Intel Celeron G3930 processor
Intel Celeron G3930T processor



Integrated Conexant CX5001 codec
Audio in/out ports
Headset1 and headphone front ports, 3.5 mm (0.14 in)
Internal speaker
2.0 W amplifier
Multi-streaming capable1
Can be enabled in the audio control panel to allow independent audio streams to be sent to/from the headset, external or integrated speakers

Keyboards/pointing devices

HP Conferencing keyboard
HP USB PS/2 washable keyboard1
HP PS/2 washable keyboard1
HP USB Business Slim keyboard1
HP USB Business Slim CCID SmartCard keyboard
HP PS/2 Business Slim keyboard1
HP USB Business Slim keyboard (China only)
HP USB Business Slim grey keyboard
HP PS/2 mouse
HP USB 1000 dpi laser mouse
HP Grey V2 mouse
HP USB mouse
HP USB PS/2 washable mouse1
HP USB mouse (China only)
HP USB hardened mouse
HP Wireless Business Slim keyboard and mouse
HP USB keyboard and mouse (China only)
Mouse pad
HP mouse pad

Input/Output devices

Optional ports (only one can be chosen)
HP Serial/PS/2/Hood sensor module

Adapters and cables

Adapters (optional)
HP DisplayPort to DVI-D adapter
HP DisplayPort to HDMI 4K adapter
HP DisplayPort to VGA adapter
HP USB to Serial Port adapter
Cables (optional)
HP DisplayPort cable
HP DVI cable


(2) USB 2.0: (2) rear
(4) USB 3.1: (2) side (including 1 fast charging); (2) rear
(1) DisplayPort with multi-stream
(1) Headset
(1) RJ-45 Ethernet
(1) Serial (RS-232), PS/2, and Hood sensor combination
Expansion slots
(1) Turbo Drive (M.2 PCIe)
M.2 PCIe x1-2230 (for WLAN)
(1) Turbo Drive (M.2 PCIe)
M.2 PCIe x4-2280/2230 combo (for storage)
(1) 6.35 cm (2.5 in) internal storage drive
(1) 9 mm (0.35 in) Slim Optical Disc Drive (ODD)
(1) Secure Digital (SD) 3 reader
Stands (optional)
HP 600 G3 AiO no stand (ships with cosmetic VESA cover)
HP 600 G3 AiO adjustable height stand
HP 600 G3 AiO easel stand


Ethernet (RJ-45) (integrated)
Intel I219LM Gigabit Network Connection LOM (standard)
Wireless LAN (optional)
Intel 8265 802.11ac 2×2 Wi-Fi with Bluetooth M.2 Combo Card Vpro ( 802.11ac Wave 2 supported)
Intel 8265 802.11ac 2×2 Wi-Fi with Bluetooth M.2 Combo Card non-Vpro (802.11ac Wave 2 supported)
Intel 3168 802.11ac 2×2 Wi-Fi with Bluetooth M.2 Combo Card non-Vpro
Intel 7265 802.11ac 2×2 Wi-Fi with Bluetooth M.2 Combo Card non-VPro

Power supply

80 PLUS Gold
160 W active PFC
87/90/87% efficient at 20/50/100% load (115 V)
88/91/88% efficient at 20/50/100% load (230 V)
Operating voltage range
90 – 264 VAC
Rated voltage range
100 – 240 VAC
Rated line frequency
50 – 60 Hz
Operating line frequency
47 – 63 Hz
Rated input current with energy efficient power supply
2 A
DC output
+12.1 V
Current leakage (NFPA 99: 2102)
Less than 500 µA of leakage current at 120 Vac with the ground wire disconnected, as required for Non-patient electrical appliances and equipment used in a patient care facility or that contact patients in normal use. Per section
Less than 100 µA of leakage current at 120 Vac with the ground wire intact with normal polarity, as required for Non-patient electrical appliances and equipment used in a patient care facility or that contact patients in normal use. Per section
Power cord
1.83 m (6.0 ft)


Software security (standard)
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 (Infineon SLB9670) (Common Criteria EAL4+ certified)
Downgradeable to TPM 1.2.
Convertible to FIPS 140-2 Certified mode (TPM 2.0 is not available for Win 7 32-bit). Restrictions apply; contact account manager for more details.

Physical specifications

Without stand
6.38 kg (14.06 lb)
With easel stand
7.06 kg (15.56 lb)
With adjustable height stand (without VESA cover)
9.49 kg (20.92 lb)
Shipping weight
Without stand
8.07 kg (17.79 lb)
With easel stand
8.74 kg (19.27 lb)
With adjustable height stand (without VESA cover)
12.31 kg (27.14 lb)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Without stand
531.37 x 371.60 x 51.82 mm (20.92 x 14.63 x 2.04 in)
Easel stand
531.37 x 371.60 x 148.59 mm (20.92 x 14.63 x 5.85 in)
Adjustable height stand (maximum)
531.37 x 531.37 x 210.06 mm (20.92 x 20.92 x 8.27 in)
Shipping dimensions boxed (W x D x H)
Without stand
611.89 x 184.91 x 482.09 mm (24.09 x 7.28 x 18.98 in)
Adjustable height stand
614.93 x 293.12 x 500.12 mm (24.21 x 11.54 x 19.69 in)



Additional information

Weight 8 kg

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12 Reviews For This Product

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